HMRC providing help & support for Bromley & Beckenham landlords

How can in Bromley and Beckenham landlords make sure they file their taxes correctly in 2016-2017?

Webinars, e-learning and videos are just some of the methods that HMRC is using to help Bromley and Beckenham landlords to ensure they file correct tax returns this year.

To help save you the time we have put together some of the key information that the government has released for your benefit.

Click this link to HMRC’s course on letting out property.

Click this link to download HMRC’s Property Rental Toolkit (it shows key errors that HMRC often sees in returns and explains how to avoid them).

Click this link to watch HMRC’s video playlist on Self Assessment Help & Deadlines.

Register for a live webinar on 26 July 2017 (1.30pm to 2.30pm): here.

The topic will be ‘Income from property for individuals’ and will help new landlords and those considering becoming landlords understand what they need to do for HMRC. It covers registration, record-keeping and schemes such as Rent a Room.

The webinar will last up to an hour. You can ask questions during the presentation and get answers from your HMRC host.

Alternatively you can watch this webinar from December 2016 on the same topic.

Or this webinar on the new mortgage interest relief rules for landlords from June 2017, which includes a worked example.

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