We work in partnership with companies to provide their staff with the best short-term accommodation in Bromley.
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Company Lets

We have discovered a growing demand for key companies that are in need of accommodation for their employees.

We specialise in letting houses to professional and corporate tenants from local businesses, companies and healthcare providers (Boots, Experian, E.ON, QMC, hospitals, etc.).

Providing accommodation for these key professionals is additionally ensured because the tenant has to go through our five-step vetting process as well as a lengthy interview, background checks and references from other jobs to be awarded a position at the companies we work with.

Our tenants can vary from IT Consultants, Bankers, Nurses and even newly graduated Doctors. We have IT Consultants who are working on 6-12 month contracts (often extended). Rather than paying higher rates from hotels or renting a single bedroom apartment—with all the added costs of bills to pay—they would rather rent a property from us with the added benefits of finding a secured, shared accommodation with all bills included and like minded people. This allows them to travel a short distance from their place of work to their place of residence, which they can call home.

With this mentality in mind our tenants are continuously aware that they are renting a high-end short term accommodation, which means they have a huge amount of respect for the home they live in. In comparison, families with children and pets can create more wear and tear over time.